Vivian Gunnerengen, Interior Designer – NCIDQ Certified # 016452

Vivian Gunnerengen, Interior Designer – NCIDQ Certified # 016452

July 2023

Vivian of VivianG Design

Welcome to my newly started design blog!

It’s been a busy few months of a lot of work to get to the point I am at today, writing this blog 🙂

Juggling work, clients and creating a new website at the same time has been quite the process, but I am now finally enjoying the end result!

While creating a new website was a necessity since my old page “crashed”, my story goes back a lot further. Let’s start with 1994, when I graduated from West Valley College with an Advanced Certificate of Interior Design.

Starting my own business was just a given since I lived in Santa Cruz with less options for employment. I had previously done internships with a local kitchen designer and two local high power design firms where I learned a lot about putting together projects, selections, presentations, kitchen layout, criteria’s, specifications as well as the business side of things and most important of all – clients wishes.

So, why a blog..

Those who know me well, will laugh at this because I am not a computer wizard, in fact, everything computer related always seems to go sideways (like my crashed website). Setting up this a monthly newsletter sounds so easy and straight forward, but when you have many things to do daily – it ends up on the backburner, at least mine! But, my web designer pushed me a little bit and here I am! Hopefully my newsletter will be up and running by the time this post happens!

What am I going to write about…

The world of design is open to everyone today, thanks to the internet. We can google just about anything in less than a minute. It’s almost too much information IF you are trying to gather ideas for design project. Companies such as HOUZZ became the new norm with sharing of project photos and of course it’s now developed into a semi retail business as well. Good for the founders that was just looking for ideas! I too have a page with Houzz … please check it out:

My goal with my blog is to just simplify by sharing some fun articles on design, educational tips for lighting, real estate tips if you are selling or buying, anything related to home renovations and colors. I was also thinking I could write about challenges we incur daily on construction sites and how we resolve them!

Why people should read it….

Well, if you sit down with your cup of coffee and open up your computer, why not go to and check to see if I have any new fun posts! Will take only a couple of minutes 🙂

Vivian of VivianG Design

My passion for creativity started in my childhood days in Norway. Whether it was rearranging my bedroom furniture or changing color schemes – this is when it all started.

Merging design and real estate to create a positive and unique experience. Homes by VivianGDesign specializes in new builds, remodels and investment properties. VGD will help you find the right builder or the perfect fixer upper as your realtor, then transform and bring the home to life as your interior designer.


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