Whether you are looking to do a project that reduces toxins and has low impact on the earth or have a project that you would like to obtain LEED certification, Viviang Design is your qualified and experienced resource. 

From 80,000 square foot commercial LEED certified projects to residential applications, we have done extensive research and evaluation to build a library of Green resources.  Clients are always amazed at the wide variety of Green building materials and furnishings that are available when you work with a design professional.  In fact, so many products are now available to meet sustainability needs there are no longer limitations to building Green.  Let Interior Lighting and Design show you the possibilities and how you too can join the movement towards design that is in harmony with our environment. 
Some of the key factors we take into account when designing a sustainable project include:

  • Healthful Interior Environment. All possible measures are to be taken to ensure that materials and building systems do not emit toxic substances and gasses into the interior atmosphere. Additional measures are to be taken to clean and revitalize interior air with filtration and plantings.

  • Energy Efficiency. All possible measures are to be taken to ensure that the building's use of energy is minimal. Cooling, heating and lighting systems are to use methods and products that conserve or eliminate energy use.

  • Ecologically Benign Materials. All possible measures are to be taken to use building materials and products that minimize destruction of the global environment. Wood is to be selected based on non destructive forestry practices. Other materials and products are to be considered based on the toxic waste out put of production.

  • Environmental Form. All possible measures are to be taken to relate the form and plan of the design to the site. Accommodations are to be made for recycling and energy efficiency.