Lighting DEsign

Because good lighting doesn’t just happen any more than does good design, consider hiring Viviang Design to help bring your design dreams to fruition.
Let us help you realize your vision and answer your questions by creating a lighting scheme for your interiors and exteriors that will present them as you’ve envisioned.

We can be a source for you. Unable to find the light fixture that meets your project requirements? See us. We work with hundreds of lighting manufacturers and custom fixture designers; we can help you locate what you’re looking for, Residential or Commercial.

We can be a resource. As consultants, we can help arm you with the most up to date information available on lighting technology and application, advantages and disadvantages.

We can be an asset. Like your highly skilled and valued workmen, a quality lighting design will reveal your design as you intended, articulate your vision of the space and the architecture.

We can be a safeguard, by ensuring that the lighting designed for your project meets California’s stringent code requirements (including Title 24).

We can work with you to add dramatic dimension to your designed spaces by selecting light sources that won’t distort your color selections.